Other than the dragon fruit, few other succulent plants also have some fruits.

Dragon Fruit – Pitahaya – Hylocereus : Our Dragon Fruit is the one with red flesh (H. polyrhizus). It is the first and only fruit so far. The taste of the fruit is watery and bland with no aroma at all.

Epiphyllum: Epiphyllum fruits are as big as small marbles, the flesh is purple pink with small black seeds. The Epiphyllum/Disocactus ackermanii was the only one that had fruit this year. The outer skin is kind of brownish colour. The taste has slight sour note. Not sure if it is safe to eat, but I just had a lick.

Zygocactus (Schlumbergera truncata): From all the Zygocactus plants that we have only one seems to have fruits. The fruits are bell shaped and the outer skin is pretty magenta colour (bright purple pink). The inside is lighter colour with black seeds that gather in the middle. Quite interesting. Not sure if it is safe to eat, but a quick lick taste nothing.

Sunrise Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri): The fruits are quite small, slightly larger than peas, green in colour and the flesh is also juicy green. They also have tiny black seeds. This one taste a little bit sweet. Also not so sure if it is safe to really eat it.