Dragon Fruit Finally May 02 - 2017.jpg

If your dragon fruit tree bears many fruits, and one of the stem is broken, you may not be bothered. However, if it is the first and the only one, you want to save it. It was what I did and the fruit kept on growing to ripeness. It is much smaller and thinner though.

So it is possible to save a young fruit that grows on a broken rootless stem to continue to grow. Just stick the stem in a pot with a mixture of potting mix and a little bit of chicken manure. Keep the growing media reasonably moist. The fruit grows to maturity, but the stem is still without roots. Yes, amazingly the stem alone can provide nutrients for the fruit to grow.

The skin has pale pink colour which is unusual. At first I was not sure if it is ripe, but I read if some of the fins (other people call them wings or scales) have started to whither, it is ripe. Many of the fins had turned brown, so it was the time to pick. I trimmed the ugly brown tips of the fins before taking some photos. It was quite soft to cut it open and dark maroon red flesh with many tiny black seeds was revealed. So very juicy!! The taste? To me, it tastes nothing. Though it is juicy, it tastes bland with no aroma. The seeds are crunchy but they are not hard to chew. The vibrant colour of the flesh is very deceiving indeed!! Thinking about it, perhaps if it grew normally (not from broken rootless stem), could it be sweeter?

After picking the fruit, I will continue to grow the stem and hopefully it will grow some roots.