Dragon fruit - broken off stem

Broken off stem

Just as we were all very happy to have a dragon fruit growing for the very first time, disaster happened. The stem with the baby fruit was broken off. How did it happen? Not very sure, it could be the possum climbed on it last night. We have few possums in the back yard. The plant itself actually is not very healthy with many parts rotted every winter time. Perhaps the stem joint was not strong enough and it snapped broken.

I planted the broken stem which I think will easily grow roots, but will it get enough nutrient to support the young fruit? Only time will tell. If the fruit later will be aborted, so be it. At least I now know with much relief that our dragon fruit is the self pollinated variety. I have few cuttings to grow in a more protected area to avoid winter damage.

Dragon fruit replanted March 14 - 2017