It was a big surprise that our Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus sp.) has finally had one flower bud. The bud grew very fast and very large. Just before it opened last night, the swollen flower bud was around 40 cm long (including the stem). It was twice the size of the biggest Epiphyllum flowers that we have.


I am not too sure what kind of Dragon Fruit plant it is, but I decided to perform hand pollination anyway. If it is indeed self pollinating variety, there will be a chance that it will grow a fruit. But if it is the one that needs cross pollination, than we will not have a fruit at all as it needs pollen from different variety of plant.

The large bloom almost fully opened about 11 PM last night. The strong fragrance was heady and the whole back yard was full of the sweet smell. With a small soft bristled brush, I gently swished the brush on the anthers to coat it with pollen and than dabbed the brush lightly on the the stigma. I did this few times to make sure that all the part of stigma was well covered with pollen.


Now as I am writing this post the next morning 10.47 AM, the flower has started to close. With fingers and toes crossed, I hope that our Dragon Fruit Plant is the self pollinating one and it will grow a nice healthy fruit. I remember the seller said that it was the one with red flesh (Hylocereus costaricensis).

Dragon Fruit Flower Stages:

Update March 02, 2017:

This morning after the flower has started to wilt, the bottom part of the stem where the fruit grow still look green.Will it turn into fruit? It is still too early to say, but very promising πŸ™‚