Back in March this year, the ‘not doing so well’ Psychopsis orchid started to grow what I thought a keiki on the old flower stem. It was not a keiki after all, but it is a flower bud. Today it has started to grow bigger and I can see the spots.

The miserable looking orchid plant has only two leaves left. Lately they started to grow bigger, thicker and greener. The weird looking bulbs kind of small, rounded and flat. Recently I found out that this orchid is sequential, which means that flowers keep on growing on the same old stem for many years one after another.

When I bought it, there were three stems and only one with flower. I can’t seem to remember what have happened with the other two flowerless stems. More than likely that I cut them off. Actually the seller in the market told me not to cut the stems as they can sometimes grow more flowers, but I cut them and I can’t remember why. Now it is only one left and I cut the tip earlier this year as it had gone black. Oh well, it was not a keiki but I am having a flower spike and I cannot complain anymore.

Psychopsis papilio in February this year: ‘Not a Keiki’

Psychopsis papilio today 23/11/2016:

December 04, 2016:

The shape of Psychopsis papilio flowers is very unusual, so I am curious to see the flower stages from a bud until it is fully open. Days have passed since 23/11/2016 and slowly it starts to crack open today.

The next opening stages of the flower bud, a much quicker process:

December 06, 2016: These photos below were taken yesterday and today:


Scary looking face