Yesterday I made my 2nd kokedama by using another small Phalaenopsis orchid that was not too happy growing in its pot. It has one spike and many of the roots are not really healthy. The first kokedama was made by using a miniature Phalaenopsis that was needed to be repotted.

Growing Phalaenopsis orchids or any other small orchids on balls of moss (kokedama) is kind of pretty. It is not only for the aesthetic look, but by mounting an orchid plant on the top of a pouch of growing media and covered with a thin layer of moss will give the plant more air circulation just like in the wild, many orchids are epiphytic.

Normally kokedama is made of clay that is mixed with a bit of compost or potting mix (depending on the plant requirement). The clay is shaped into a ball as big as an orange, then a hole is made for the plants to grow in it. Then the ball is covered with sphagnum moss or garden moss and tied around with a piece of string. This method is suitable for other small plants, but not for orchids.

Phalaenopsis orchid is mounted outside/on the surface of the ball that is made of a plastic net (from orange, onion or garlic bag) that is filled with suitable orchids potting media  mixed with lava pebbles or scoria.

This time we don’t have good moss growing in our garden, only liverworts are thriving on the pavement in the backyard. Unfortunately, liverworts are not suitable for kokedama so I have to be content by using sphagnum moss instead.