Clivia after being moved to a better location Sept 16 - 2016.jpg

This Clivia plant was planted long time ago, cannot remember when exactly. It was planted along the walking path near the gate in the back of the house. It flowered during the few first years, but since hubby changed the wire gate with the one made of wood, light cannot go through and the area is a lot darker than before. I think this was the reason why the plant had ceased blooming for quite a long time. It was forgotten and went bad for a while, but few days ago I noticed that the leaves have started to look better and I decided to transplant it in the front garden underneath the pear tree. If my mind serves me right, the colour of the flower is kind of yellow. After many years, healthy Clivia plant should be able to form a large clump, but this one only has two very small bulbs 😦 Hopefully the new location will make it happier.

Notes about Clivia:

  • Clivia miniata – Kaffir lily – Natal Lily.
  • Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae).
  • Native plant of Natal area in South Africa.
  • Slow growing and long lasting plant.
  • Well drain soil.
  • Shaded position away from frost and direct hot sun.
  • Water well in Spring and Summer.
  • Complete fertiliser in Spring.
  • Perform better in large clumps.

Below is yellow Clivia in bloom. Image from: