The last flowering Cymbidium orchids of this year are the noid Yellow and Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’.

From all the 5 pots of the noid Yellow, only 2 are flowering and each are having 2 spikes. These orchid flowers will be chartreuse in colour when first time open and gradually will look more yellow.

Bulbarrow ‘ Our Midge’ is still relatively small, I haven’t divided it yet and this year it is only having 1 spike. What makes this Cymbidium orchid special is the ashy pink colour of the flowers, it is pink with grey tinge, while around the edges of the petals are light cream colour. We bought it as a young seedling and it took so long to grow, went rotten away at one stage and was neglected for few years under the pear tree in the back yard. Then about 3 or 4 years ago I noticed that the bulbs had started to grow big with healthy leaves. I repotted the plant, it grew better and now it is flowering for the second time.