Golden Diosma

Golden Diosma (Coleonema pulchellum/pulchrum ‘Aurea’) is a low growing shrub that love cool climate. This pretty plant with fragrant fine leaves will get scorched and susceptible to fungal disease in very hot and humid summer over 32 deg. C. In winter time to early spring, it will bear many tiny flowers that can cover the whole plant. Golden Diosma is the most popular among other Coleonema varieties like for examples: C. album (White Diosma), C. rubrum (Red Diosma).

  • Golden Diosma – Coleonema pulchellum (pulchrum) ‘Aurea’.
  • Small shrub, can reach 1 m high. There are dwarf varieties that will grow more prostrade.
  • Cool temperate climate, not suitable for tropical area. It does not like high humidity as it will cause fungal problems.
  • Suitable to grow in well drain soil in the garden.
  • The fine needle leaves are fragrant (mix of herby/lemony/piney smell) and will be more yellow colour in full sun.
  • By the end of winter to early spring it will bear tiny white-pink-mauve flowers that can cover the whole plant. If grown in shady area it may not grow flowers.
  • Suitable for hedges and respond well to shaping and trimming. It can grow lanky and rangy if not pruned and shaped. Pruning can be done after flowering and avoid trimming in autumn to make sure the plant will flower in the winter.
  • Liquid fish emulsion or seaweed extract can be applied once a year. We never fertilize and the plants are doing fine.