Orange hues of Camp Fire

The chill of battering southern wind has made this winter feel much colder.Things that are hot like a campfire or a fireplace will surely give a warm feeling. It is the same with the garden, all hot colours of flaming fire make the garden brighter and warmer… and we have plenty of them. They come from plants that have flowers in the shades of orange colour, the colour of fire.

Jacobinia pauciflora ‘Firefly‘: Under the new name it is called Justicia rizzinii. This low growing shrub is native to Brazil and loves cool temperate climate. I’ve noticed that it hates extreme summer heat. Ours had all the foliage scorch and burnt, but the tough plant has recovered slowly. Now it is flowering quite profusely again. The small tubular flowers are orange and gold similar to the colour of fireflies. It is better to grow this plant away from hot afternoon sun.

Aloe spinosissima: This winter flowering Aloe plant is thought to be a cross between Aloe arborescens and Aloe humilis. Some are sold under the name of spider aloe or dwarf Aloe arborescens. People say that it is smaller and more manageable compared to the arborescens. The towering flowers are bright orange colour and the nectar attracts honey eater birds.

Cymbidium Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’: The small flowers are orange yellow colour with dark red lips. I let the blooms cascade freely down, and they are nicely arranged and spaced from one another. Thanks Rika 🙂

Goldfish: Though looking at goldfish in the winter makes me feel cold, I have to include them for a couple of reasons. First they are either orange or gold in colour and second, it is an update about what have happened to our goldfish. Quite a few of our mature goldfish have gone missing. Perhaps the cat took them. but there are 4 new babies.

The colour of orange radiates warmth and dynamic. It is very close to red, but kinder, gentler and milder. In association to cheerful yellow, orange is more vibrant and invigorating.   In fact, the colour of orange is optimistic,  uplifting and rejuvenating our spirit.