Melbourne winter this year is very cold with extremely high rainfalls  and very strong wind. We are lucky to have a covered area to keep the blooming orchids out of bad weather elements, otherwise the continuous rainfall and chilly wind will easily destroy the beautiful blooms.

Most of the small cymbidium orchid in hanging pots have been flowering earlier, and now some of the larger ones are blooming.

Cymbidium ‘Claude Pepper’ x ‘Sensation’: This Cymbidium did not flower last year after division and repotting. This year all the three divisions have flowers, two with three spikes and one with a single spike. C. ‘Claude Pepper x ‘Sensation’ flowers have nice deep maroon colour, but the stems are short and each blooms are close together.

Cymbidium ' Claude Pepper' x 'Sensation' July 2016

Cymbidium ‘Claude Pepper’ x ‘Sensation’

Cymbidium large pink (noid): I bought this one in a green grocer in Brandon Park Shopping Center. I like the large towering light pink flowers. Orchids flowers with very tall and straight stems that much higher than the foliage are very showy.

Cymbidium July 2016.jpg

Images below:

Earlier bloomers: Cymbidium white ‘My Sweet Amy’, Cymbidium Maluka ‘Baby Pink’, Cymbidum Artistic Impression ‘Snowdrop’x Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’ and creamy colour Cymbidium Insigne: