Brugmansia - Rugged and knobbly bark

Our Brugmansia candida plant (White Angel’s Trumpet) is growing quite tall reaching for the sky. The south facing position between the house and fence makes it grow higher to reach for sunlight. This very poisonous plant ( the flowers, leaves, bark etc) has attractive trunks and branches. The older the plant, the more rough and knobbly  the bark looks. The cutting marks on the branches will grow thick calluses and create very interesting formations.

Unusual Bark Formations:

The spotted trunks and branches look rugged and rough, knobbly, warty and holey that are full of cracks and lines. The nooks and crannies are good hiding place for creepy crawlies. Pill bugs (Armadillidiidae) make the holes a good hiding place.

Brugmansia - a nesting place

Brugmansia - a holey trunk

Brugmansia - attractive bark

Brugmansia growing a button - attractive bark

Brugmansia - weird looking bark

Brugmansia - another bark formation

The White Angel’s Trumpet is growing taller than the gutter line:

Brugmansia aka Angel's Trumpet growing tall