Pear tree early winter 2016

This sunny winter morning, the calm air is crisp and cool. The pear trees still have some of the remaining autumn colours. The ground underneath is littered with the fallen leaves. I like to spread them evenly on garden beds to act as mulch and later on will break down to fertilize the soil.

Winter flowering plants have started to show off their colours to brighten our garden. The early blooming Cymbidium orchids are in flower, but many are still in buds. The Zygopetalum orchid is having two spikes and the Oncidium ‘Dancing Lady’ has one spike.

Cymbidium Orchids - Early Flowers.jpg

Cymbidium insigne

Cymbidium insigne is native to high altitude forests of Thailand, Vietnam and Southern China. The narrow waxy petals are cream colour with slightly pinkish tint and the lips are heavily spotted. The long stems bring the flowers high well above the foliage.

Loropetalum chinense

The much cooler air during autumn and really cold winter temperature have made this plant grow much better. The new leaf growths are burgundy red which make this plant look colourful, while the pretty flowers look unusual.

Plectranthus caninus

This smelly scaredy-cat plant has beautiful purple flowers. The thick furry leaves release very pungent smell that cats hate. This compact ground cover plant spreads nicely without overtaking the whole garden.

Sweet Pea Bush (Polygala myrtifolia)

This rounded bush with pretty flowers is from next door along our fence. The colourful flowers are worth noticing 🙂

Cotyledon orbiculata

This Cotyledon orbiculata plant has large leaves and orange bell flowers. It looks very similar to Kalanchoe, everytime I still mistaken the name.


Crinum Lily (Crinum moorei):

Forgot to include the Crinum lily bulbs that were transplanted to more sunny spots. They have grown leaves, some suffer from frost damage (or eaten by snails/slugs?), but they are not too bad now.

Note: I just edited this part as this plat was wrongly identified as Belladonna lily. Only later on I found out the real identification. Crinum lilies are characterised by big round bulbs with long necks.



We have lost a dear friend Ratih Del Citto (1944 – 2016). Rest in Peace Ratih…. no more pain. You will be sadly missed by us all.