Phalaenopsis orchids that are grown inside facing a window tend to grow side-way and will have leaning over look. In nature, it is very normal to grow this way as the plant attached itself on a tree trunk. Some people also prefer their Phals to have this position. If it is a small variety, it may not have obvious problem of being imbalance that can cause the plant to easily tip over, but if it is a big variety then it can be a problem.

Our Phalaenopsis with yellow and red spots flowers is growing pretty big and it is growing side way. At the moment it has 2 flower spikes and I just re-potted it this afternoon. As the plant is big with thick and wide leaves, it has become quite heavy for the thin plastic pot to support it. I decided to use a small laundry peg basket that has many holes on the sides and bottom part. The holes will give better air circulation and drainage to prevent the growing media to become too wet for too long that can cause root rot. To compensate with moisture lost, I mixed the orchid bark chips with a big handful of sphagnum moss. The squarish shape of the plastic basket is very good for balance, especially later when it has started to lean over again.


Large Phalaenopsis Orchid with 2 flower spikes and many aerial roots is leaning over the small and thin plastic pot. The old potting media disintegrated and very wet, but most of the roots are healthy and plump.

Growing media and small laundry peg basket…..

After finished re-potting…..