Pink Belladona Lily - Amaryllis sp.

December last year, the Naked Lady Belladonna Lilies ( Amaryllis ) flowered after many years went unnoticed and neglected, infested by snails. We have had these plants in our garden since we bought the house more than 30 years ago. The previous owner of the house planted them very close to the fence line. later on they are hidden behind other plants that grow in front of them.

This morning I dug some of the bulbs. The plants have finished flowering and have no leaves. The large rounded bulbs were easy to dig up without damaging the roots. After many years, each bulb has a long neck and I am not very sure whether I should cut them shorter or to leave them alone. I decided not to cut them but I cleaned all the dry materials. I have transplanted them in more open and sunny places around the garden. They may take few years to develop clumps, but they will definitely have better chance to flourish and for the flowers to be more visible. Once the bulbs have developed into clumps, they will be happy to be undisturbed and grow permanently on the same spot.

Update September 18 – 2016:

This plant is not Belladonna lily!

By looking at the bulbs of this Amaryllis plant which are quite large with long necks,  they  are actually Crinum Lily (Crinum moorey). It is also from Amaryllis family and other names are: Natal lily, Inanda lily, Ngomi lily.


Greek legend about Amaryllis:

A young and beautiful maiden Amaryllis fell in love with a cold-hearted gardener named Alteo. To have her love noticed, she walked to his cottage every day, but it was not enough to steal his heart. The handsome young man only cared for his plants and flowers. One day before walking to his place, she pierced her heart with the tip of an arrow. Where her blood dripped along the way grew beautiful flowers that were never been known before. She picked the pretty flowers and presented them to him. Only then that he noticed her and she had her love returned. They lived happily ever after.

About the nickname ‘Naked Lady’:

Long stem of Amaryllis flowers that grow straight from the ground without leaves can be compared to a naked lady 🙂