Psychopsis orchid:

When I bought this orchid the seller told me that it had just been re-potted and she made sure that I should not disturb it. Also it had 3 long flower stems, one with a flower. I was told that I should not cut the flower stems as they could re-flower again and again (sequential).

It was potted in ordinary soil and I was not really happy with it, so disregarding the advice of the seller, I changed the potting media with proper orchid mix. Later on I read somewhere online that Psychopsis orchid will sulk if reported too often. Not long after, the new flower spike on one of the long stem was dry. Some of the foliage are getting yellow and dry as well. For months, the plant which only had two leaves left did not show any changes. It was only very recently I noticed a spike and I am sure it is a new growth. Two of the flower stems started to get dry and I cut them off. One remaining green flower stem looks good, but I’ve decided to peel off the ugly dry sheaths that cover each stem nodes. Not long after, tiny bumps started to grow on the exposed nodes. I am almost sure they are keikis. I did not even apply any keiki growing paste.


Phalaenopsis orchid:

Recently, one of our Phalaenopsis orchids, the one that has beautiful white flower edges with pink, suffered from rotting roots and only had one leaf left. I took it out of the pot and cut all the rotten roots and only some aerial roots remained. After I sprinkled the cutting wound with cinnamon powder, I replanted it with the aerial roots buried in the growing media. Now to my surprise, it has grown a new leaf and a keiki is growing from the base. The keiki has two leaves and a root has also started to grow.


A lot of times, good things in life come very unexpectedly…………….