The two months of Summer, December and January’, here in Melbourne have been quite mild, with only few hot days. The last few days of rains have made the garden look more alive with various new blooms. Even the lawn suddenly has started to look greener.
The two pear trees are full of fruits, and we always share them with wild Lorikeets. Now I can hear their noisy chits-chats and squeaks.

Pears and Rainbow Lorikeets:

The Beurre Bosc pears are hanging heavily on small branches, while noisy rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) are chewing and munching the half-ripe fruits and making quite a mess. The colourful birds spit out most of the chewed flesh to the ants’ advantage. We always share the pears with lorikeets. I only picked the best looking fruits for making stew. I love to see those colourfull birds 🙂

Water Lilies:

The creamy white water lilies always bloom easily in the summer, but this year the pinkish red one also growing good. They are quite pretty to look at, but don’t last very long, only around 3 days before starting to wilt.

Rose ‘Peace’:

A surprise second batch of flowers! How few rainfalls recently do wonder, all of sudden the ‘Peace’ rose is flowering again. Quite a few and look pretty colourful and fresh.


Kalanchoe ‘ Silver Spoon’ and ‘Copper Spoon’:

The ‘Silver Spoon’ Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe hildebrantii) in the garden dropped a lot of leaves and few months ago I made some cuttings to grow in pots. Today they have grown nicely ready to be transplanted back in the garden. The tougher ‘Copper Spoon’ Kalanchoe grow nicely in the garden and now the colour is vivid copper brown.

Echeveria nodulosa:

The Echeveria nodulosa rosette leaves have interesting colour and some people call them ‘painted beauty’. We grow this plant in the garden and I notice that snails have eaten some of the tender leaves. I plan to dig it up and grow it in a pot instead. The interesting flowers are brightly coloured.

Epiphyllum/Disocactus ackermannii Fruits:

For the very first time, the E. ackermannii is growing quite a few of fruits. They are the size of marbles and the inside is similar to Dragon fruit, I tasted it….kind of sweet but I don’t really like the taste


The small yellow Hibiscus plant has eventually started to establish itself and grow bigger. The leaves look green and healthy and the yellow ruffled flowers look vibrant. While the Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is having flowers here and there.

Tears are the summer showers to the soul……. (Alfred Austin)