Eventually here in Melbourne the summer heat is coming with a vengeance. A four days in a row temperatures over 30 deg. C and it will reach the highest 41 deg. tomorrow. Christmas day forecast will be 34 deg.

All lawns are yellow and dry specked with yellow Dandelion flowers which obviously can better withstand the heat. Very annoying look, really.

Stop complaining about the stinking weather, instead look somewhere else where things are doing quite alright.

Kaempferia galanga (Kencur):

The heat has sped up the growth of this fragrant plant. The pretty and shiny leaves grow flat.

Himalayan Lantern:

To my surprise the Himalayan Lantern (Agapetes serpent) is having some fruits for the very first time. It flowered many times before but never developed into fruits. The purplish colour of the fruits look quite odd. Actually this year it is only flower sparingly, so it is a real surprise to see the fruits.

Phalaenopsis Orchids:

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A Redback Spider (Latrodectus hasselti):

The other day when lifting a plant pot, I noticed a small black spider. After looking at it closely, to my horror it had red marking along it’s back which is a distinctive sign a of a very venomous redback spider. For a while I was thinking of killing it, but then I decided that it too has the very right to live… yes right here in my garden. With the help of a stick I lifted the small spider and I let it go in the garden away from the back veranda. Hopefully that it brings a good karma so that I will never be bitten.

There was a redback on the toilet seat

When I was there last night

I didn’t see him in the dark

But boy, I felt his bite…… (from the song The Redback Spider)

Red Back Spider in backyard Dec.17-2015

Red Back Spider in backyard

They are found Australia-wide and will live almost anywhere as long as there is adequate food, a sheltered web site and warm enough for breeding.  They are especially common in disturbed and urban areas, in association with human habitation. – See more at: (http://australianmuseum.net.au/redback-spider#sthash.3naMiPLw.dpuf)