Coprosma repens - Mirror Bush

Mirror Bush – Coprosma repens

So far, here in Melbourne area we have been very lucky with the weather. While mother nature has been unkind to other parts of Victoria and some other states in Australia where the heat and drought have arrived much too early. Here around Melbourne, we only had few days of temperature in the low 30 deg. C. Today is supposed to be hot 32 deg. but it is now overcast and quite nice and cool.

All our roses have finished flowering except the ‘Double Delight’ which is in flower instead of in spring time. Next door standard pink rose is also flowering late. It is grown near the fence so I can easily took some photos. Regular summer flowering plants like for examples the Hibiscus, Yucca filamentosa and Pelargonium geraniums are all in bloom. The Phalaenopsis orchids flower buds are getting bigger and will be ready to open in a week or two. Dancing Lady orchid is also growing a surprise spike.

For this seasonal gardening note, I will write a little bit about two plants that have been grown in the garden since we bought the house in the early 80s. I will not include the Blue Bells because they are not in flower right now, but the Fuchsia and the Belladonna Lilies are in bloom right now.

As I haven’t include the Double Delight rose in the previous blog, I am also going to include some photos together with next door pretty pink one.

Belladonna Lily:

Besides the Blue Bells, the previous owner of our house grew another bulbous plants that were planted very close to the fence near the driveway. They are Belladonna Lilies which are also known as Naked lady and the Latin name is Amaryllis. Because they were planted so close to the fence line, a lot of times the blooms were obscured behind other plants in front of them. I plan to dig up the bulbs when they are dormant and move them to a better place where their pretty pink blooms can be enjoyed and admired properly. The other day I saw some flowers and took some photos.

Note 19/09/2016: Not Belladonna lily, but it is Crinum lily (Crinum moorei), characterised by a large rounded bulb with a long neck. It also belongs to Amaryllis family.

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There used to be two of this Fuchsia plants before. Both were mature plants, and one completely died and gone. The other one was struggling to grow good for many years and also had dried branches. In the last few years the suckers that were trying to grow was wilted during the extreme summer heat. I tried to salvage the plant and dug it up and grew it in a pot. Since then, it has grown quite healthy and flowering and I transplanted it back in the garden in a shady area.

Rose ‘Double Delight’ and unknown next door’s pink Rose:

Water Garden:

Peruvian Lily: