Australian Painted Lady Butterfly

Australian Painted Lady Butterfly

In Melbourne we are lucky that our weather was quite cool lately with enough rainfalls. However some parts of Victoria and other states in Australia have drought and high temperature. This month was generally cool and today will be the hottest with highest temperature up to 34 deg. C, but it will be followed by cooler days.



I don’t know what variety this Begonia is, but it has beautiful foliage and pretty small white-pink flowers.

Update July 2017: This is a Scandent Begonia (trailing) and the name is Begonia mazae nigricans.

Murraya paniculata:

The sweet fragrance of Murraya flowers fill the garden with delicate sweet scents. For those who are not familiar with these flowers will look around to see where the beautiful smell is coming from 🙂

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana:

Ours are the old fashioned ones with the short stem flowers. I saw new varieties sold in the shop that have flowers up above the foliage on long stems.

Fairy Iris (Dietes grandiflora)

Easy to grow and tough, Fairy Iris has beautiful flowers. It is a common plant that grow well in parks and along the street.

Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’

Last year we bought two spurge Euphorbias, one is the Ascot Rainbow with yellow flowers, and the other one is Amygdaloides which has green flowers. Only the Ascot Rainbow survives. No idea why the other one was completely dry, I thought that this plant is easy to grow and can stand dry condition.

Callistephus chinensis (China Aster)

Last week I bought 2 pots of China Aster plants (pink and blue) at Bunnings. I’ve never grown this plant before, so I planted one in the garden and the other one is still in the pot. After about a week, the flowers are not as prim as before, kind of droopy with burnt edges. I think they don’t like sunlight that much.

Note: As that Jo had said in the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott:

“…..I hate to think I’ve got to grow up, and be Miss March, and wear long gowns, and look as prim as a China Aster……..”