Australian Painted Lady Butterfly

Australian Painted Lady Butterfly

What a glorious spring morning now, very clear blue sky and the air is still with hardly any wind blowing. Now and then the silence is broken by the chirping noise of birds. The temperature will reach 27 deg. C, and right now is a pleasant 23 deg.

The garden is fragrant with so many spring blooms. With more than enough rainwater during the winter, all plants look so healthy and luscious. Many honey bees and painted lady butterflies are busy themselves to get as much nectar as possible from one flower to another. Even some big flies are joining the feast.

Himalayan Lantern (Agapetes serpens):

This odd looking plant has bulbous base, the long branches are arching. Single leaves grow all along the branches and red or pink lantern shaped blooms grow dangling down in rows. This pretty plant is originated from the foot hill of the Himalayas.

Himalayan Lantern - Agapetes serpen Himalayan Lantern - Agapetes serpens 2

What plant is this

Himalayan Lantern – Agapetes serpens- Bulbous base


The Scented Pearl Michelia yunnanensis along the fence near the driveway is flowering heavily this spring, the best ever. The white flowers and the coppery brown buds are in good contrast with the green colour of the leaves. This little tree is good to be pruned to keep it from growing rangy and untidy. Respond well to be shaped as topiaries.

Michelia figo is also known as Port Wine Magnolia. The tiny pinkish flowers have unusual fruity scent and they are very fragile and will crumble at a slightest touch. This neat growing little tree is also very suitable for topiary.

Michelia yunanensis 'Scented Pearl' (2)

Michelia yunanensis 'Scented Pearl' - 1st. october 2015

Michelia yunanensis 'Scented Pearl' - october 2015

Michelia yunanensis 'Scented Pearl'

Michelia yunanensis ‘Scented Pearl’

MIchelia figo - Port Wine Magnolia

Michelia figo – Port Wine Magnolia

Genista racemosa:

Our two Genista racemosa plants are fully covered with bright golden flowers. The one at the front near the letterbox has suddenly grown very big, the round canopy looks heavy with flowers. It is amazing that this plant can do so well with half of the roots were completely broken off when hubby pushed a large stake down too close too one side of the trunk. Now half of the trunk on soil level has completely rotted away and gone. We had to anchor the plant to a large wooden pole to keep it from falling down.

Near the Driveway

Genista racemosa - Sweet Broom.

Genista racemosa – Sweet Broom.


Garbage Truck:

Garbage Truck Garbage Truck - Rubbish Collection

The other day while taking some photos in the front garden, the garbage truck from our Council came and it was a chance for me to take some photos. The truck has a hydraulic bin lifter that can be steered to lift garbage bins and tip the content into the back of the truck. The same system is also apply for garden waste and recycling waste. The costs of these garbage, green and recycling waste removals are included in the Council Rates.

Council Rates are a contribution each ratepayer makes towards community services provided by their local council. Rates also contribute to the cost of running your local council. The amount of these rates depend on the value of a property. If someone owns a property in a rich area where property value is high, then the amount of the rates will be higher too.