Wasp (2)

The spring weather was back to cold again in the last few days, and today is also grey and cool around 15 deg. C. I spotted a wasp the other day and took few photos. It was more than likely a European wasp, the colours are yellow and black. Meanwhile more orchids are blooming.

Cymbidium  Vogelsung ‘Eastbourne x So Bold & Bountiful’:

Large size flowers that are nicer to leave them growing naturally cascading down. This easy to bloom Cymbidium is pretty pink in colour with noticeable lines on the petals.

Cymbidium Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘Bountiful’ – 24 September 2018 Cymbidium Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘Bountiful’ – September 2018 close-up Cymbidium Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘Bountiful’ – September 2018

Cymbidium Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’:

This orchid was given to me by Rika about two years ago. Last year it did not flower, but now it is blooming nicely.

Cymbidium Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’ - 24 September 2015 Cymbidium Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’ -September 2015 close-up Cymbidium Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’ -September 2015

This large no-id yellow Cymbidium was one of my first few orchids. It is very easy to flower with multiple spikes. So far I have split it into few divisions:

Cymbidium yellow - Sept. 2015 Cymbidium Yellow Noid - September 2015 Cymbidium Yellow Noid 2 - September 2015

Another Cymbidium with no identity. The flowers have nice colours but they tend to grow on short spikes and the flowers grow too close to each other:

Cymbidium Noid - September 2015 Cymbidium Noid September 2015

The Sweet Amy Cymbidium with three spikes are fully open now. This time the colour is very nice, with clear and clean white petals which is in a good contrast with the pink lips.

Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy' 2015 - 3 spikes Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy' 2015 Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy'.- Spetember 2015

Beallara ‘Eurostar’ (syn. Aliceara Eurostar):

This frail looking orchid looks a little bit unusual. When I bought it last year in Caribbean market, I was a little bit hesitated as it has only an old bulb and another bulb with flowers. So far it has grown another bulb and it has a spike with four flowers.

Beallara 'Eurostar' - September 2015 Beallara 'Eurostar'

Soft Cane Dendrobium (syn. Den Nobile):

It was given to us as a bonus when we bought Sarcochilus orchids two years ago in an orchid farm in Langwarrin. Now it has four stems/canes, three of them are leafless. I notice new green bumpy growths on the two bare stems, but I am not too sure what they are going to be. Hopefully they will be flowers, but if they turn to be keikis, I don’t really mind.  It was only a young plant when we got it. I read somewhere that the soft cane Dendrobium will grow flowers along the old stems, and often when the stems are leafless. Oh yes, when I read about this orchid online, many people call the bumpy growth ‘nub’. How interesting 🙂 I have started to feed it with weak solution of orchid fertilizer for blooming season. We will see what is going to happen.

Soft Cane Dendrobium - September 2015

Soft Cane Dendrobium 2 - September 2015