Pear Tree

One sunny morning few days ago.

Today was mostly cloudy and now in the afternoon it feels clammy and colder. After the coldest winter around Melbourne ever recorded for more than 60 years, the promise of approaching spring can be seen around the garden. Some spring flowers have started to bloom, roses are showing off their new red leaf buds. Meanwhile the birds are busy and chattering. Occasional distinct sounds of common koels can be heard nearby.

Cymbidium orchids are still blooming nicely and some more to come in a few weeks time. The native Australian Dendrobium delicatum orchids are bearing many tiny flower buds. The Phalaenopsis orchids have also managed to develop flower spikes in this cold weather.

Here are some colours in the garden that lately brighten cold and grey days:

Pink  Magnolia:

This small Magnolia tree has very pretty light pink blooms. There are many varieties and unfortunately we lost track of the name of this one.

Pink Magnolia 2 Pink Magnolia 3 Pink Magnolia

Aloe spinosissima:

This flowering aloe looks spiky but  the leaves are actually quite soft to touch. If grown in an open and sunny spot it will form a large clump and the orange flowers are pretty and nectar eater birds love them.

Aloe spinosissima

Aloe spinosissima.jpg 2

Osteospermum the African Daisies:

We have 2 different African Daisies, one has white flowers and the other one is dark pink. The white one tends to grow lanky and untidy after finished flowering, but the pink one is more neat and manageable and spreading nicely, good for ground cover. Very easy to grow and it will flower abundantly in spring with dazzling colour.

African Daisy - Osteospermum

African Daisy - Osteospermum 2

White African Daisy

Jacobinia fauciflora ‘Firefly’:

After completely scorched during the last few years of extreme summer heat, now it has started to grow back and fully bloom. Each tiny bloom looks insignificant but if they grow in plenty covering the whole plant, they will really look bright and beautiful.

Jacobinia pauciflora 'Firefly'

Jasminum polyanthum – Pink Jasmine, Chinese Jasmine:

A robust climber that need regular trimming to look tidy, but the sweet fragrant blooms are to die for. This one in the picture actually grows next door on the back fence that spills out to our place. We also have it near the gate but hubby chopped too hard and it has not fully grown back yet.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Cotyledon orbiculata:

It looks similar to Kalanchoe, but I think ours is Cotyledon.

Cotyledon orbiculata with orange bell flowers