Last year I divided and repotted Cymbidium Paradisian Surprise – Devon Parish ‘Devon Falls’ x Sarah Jean ‘Peach’. I have done it many times and it was successful, these last two divisions were a total failure. The plant was so healthy and just had 15 spikes of very pretty yellow small blooms with purplish throat. Within few weeks after division and repotting the leaves started to wilt. It happened so quickly.

What I did I do wrong this time? What did I do differently from the previous ones? Is it that they were burnt by the addition of blood & bone meal and dolomite lime that I mixed in the growing medium? My attempt to save the plants by removing the barks and regrowing it in fresh mix without any fertilizer addition at all, did not help. It never happened like this before, though I am still at lost, I have a feeling the addition of blood & bone and dolomite lime is the culprit.

Previously, I repotted the plants by using fresh growing media. The fertilizers were added later on the surface of the media, so I did not mixed them in. To be safe, it is better not to add any fertilizer when repotting. Weak solution of sea weed is safe. Few weeks later, after the plant is readjusting itself after repotting, fertilizer for growing season can be added on the surface of the media.

Next time I change the growing medium, I will make sure not to add anything. I never did before…..

Dua bagian setelah ditanam kembali

Newly divided and repotted C. Paradisian Surprise – Devon Parish ‘Devon Falls’ x Sarah Jean ‘Peach’

Dying Cymbidium Orchid

What is left now