Under cold grey sky

Blushing orchids are smiling

To keep company

Cymbidium 2015

Cymbidium Maluka ‘Baby Pink’ is having four spikes, one is still small. As usual this small Cymbidium has beautiful blooms which are cascading nicely in a very good order.

Cymbidium 'Maluka Baby Pink' 2 Cymbidium 'Maluka Baby Pink' 3 Cymbidium 'Maluka Baby Pink'

Cymbidium ‘My Sweet Amy’ – three large spikes of many flowers. The best ever flowers this time.

Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy'.jpg 3

Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy'Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy'.jpg 2

Cymbidium Sarah-Jean ‘Ice Cascade’ – a little bit stunted this year.

Cymbidium Sarag Jean 'Ice Cascade' 2 Cymbidium Sarag Jean 'Ice Cascade'