Last Saturday July 04 about 12.10 pm, I was driving along Springvale rd. (in Melbourne Australia). The area is located around a busy shopping centre. I stopped at the spot before keep clear area on the left lane to wait for the traffic light to turn green. Once it was green I drove slowly forward but had to stop at the spot after keep clear area, as the first car in front was going to turn left to Queen avenue, but had to wait for pedestrians to cross. Suddenly my car was hit from behind…. bang! It was lucky that I did not hit the car in front of me. ( Note: If you look at the photo, my car was  approximately at the same spot as the blue car when the accident happened).

Place of accident

Traffic light intersection of Springvale rd. and Queen avenue. Balmoral avenue is on the left side of keep clear area.

Both cars were suffered mild damages and still drivable. Obviously it was not my fault at all, and it was the driver of car that hit me that was either lost control, distracted or in such a hurry. When the traffic was heavy and all cars were not even able to move fast (speed limit of the area is 40 km/hour), it was terrible that collision could still happen. There was a big possibility the car that hit me was from Balmoral avenue turning left to middle lane on Springvale rd. by crossing the keep clear area, lost control of his car and hit the rear right side of my car, while his damage was on the front left (the bonnet was bent).

As my insurance only 3rd party, it will not cover my car damage. However, the accident was not my fault so I can claim against the other party’s insurance. Smash repair company will be able to deal with the claim.

My car damages:

The biggest concern is the damage on the exhaust, it was hit from behind and was pushed in. Now it is loose, bent and hanging down.

Damaged Exhaust Pipe - Push in from behind, bent and hanging down.

Damaged Exhaust Pipe – Push in from behind, bent and hanging down.

Damaged Rear Right Light - Still working but it was out of the socket.

Damaged Rear Right Light – Still working but it was out of the socket.

Ripped Spare Wheel Cover

Ripped Spare Wheel Cover

It was just my unlucky day when without any reason at all I was rammed from behind 😦

The exact time of accident was unknown as I didn’t check the time. I thought it happened earlier but by checking the time when I made a phone call  it was 12.27 pm, so I assume that the accident must had happened past 12.00 noon around 12.10 pm maybe?

Update July 24, 2015:

  • The guy that hit my car drives a South Australian car and his address also in SA. This has given us problem to deal with his insurance which is also in SA. The reason that his insurance rejected the claim when we spoke to them was that apparently the guy didn’t bother to report an accident and activate a claim.
  • Few smash repair companies had given us quotes of repairs and they said they could deal with the claim. However when we saw them, we couldn’t believe it. For a considerably minor damages could cost well over Aud $3000. Though if the claim succeeds the other party insurance will pay, we think it is not right especially that the car is just an old car.
  • Our son has decided to forget about insurance and he will fix the car himself. To get the parts needed will cost much less than $1000  $500. Yes, part of exhaust needed and the bracket for backlight not even $300 from the wrecker…. good enough for a car that is already 15 years old.
  • To the guy who hit my car, my message is that you should drive more carefully next time to avoid another accident that can damage someone’s car and then you refuse to be responsible for the damage.
  • It seems that 3rd party car insurance is not enough to give some protection these days.