Nothing worse than the long anticipated orchid spikes to break. It happened to one of our Cymbidiums the other day. When Cymbidium flower spikes are still small, the tender stems are easy to snap broken. I just touched it gently and it broke. I noticed that the flower stem was very sticky, so I decided to attach it back and put sticky tape around it. Now few days later, the broken spike is still fresh and growing bigger. I think the sticky sap makes it work and the flower buds can still get some nutrient, as long as it is reattached immediately after it broke. Hopefully that the broken part will eventually stick together and will be strong enough to support the blooms. To make sure once the stem is harden enough, I will reinforce it with a piece of bamboo stick.

Broken Flower Spike

Broken spike reattached and wrapped in sticky tape.

Broken  Spike

Cymbidium flower buds look very pretty and I love to take some photos of them. Not all the spikes have grown flower buds yet, but the Cymbidium maluka ‘Baby Pink’ and Cymbidium ‘My Sweet Amy’ will be the early bloomers this year.

Cymbidium maluka 'Baby Pink' Cymbidium 'My Sweet Amy' Cymbidium Sarah Jean 'White Cascade' Cymbidium Yellow

Orchid colours and their meanings:

  • Pink symbolizes femininity, grace and gentility
  • Purple, the colour of royalty, connotes dignity, respect and admiration
  • Red whispers of passionate desire. The colour of strength and courage, red is a hot colour filled with energy
  • White is the colour of sweet innocence, symbolizing reverence and humility
  • Yellow is cheerful and happy, the colour of joy and symbol of friendship
  • Orange is enthusiastic, bold and proud.
  • Green brings the blessings of nature and brings health and good fortune.