Crucifix Orchid Fruit Pod

Note and Update on Epidendrum ibaguense:

This morning when I was cutting off the spent Crucifix orchid flower stems, I noticed a couple of pods. It really is a nice surprise as the plant never had fruits before. Actually Crucifix orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense) can be readily and easily propagated by using the keikis/pups. If the plant has some seed pods, it will be a bonus, but growing the seeds will be harder and take longer time.

Our Crucifix orchid has grown quite big with long tangling stems and it looks very busy with many aerial roots. Many keikis are ready to separate to grow in new pots, but I will do this another time as I am running out of orchid media. Once established, Epidendrum orchids will keep on growing flowers for many months of the year. The tiny long lasting blooms grow in clumps on long stems. Our plant is still growing new flower spikes. Balanced liquid fertilizer and seaweed will make it happier and productive.

I have tried to find another Crucifix orchids with different flowers; yellow, pink or orange will be nice…. but so far no luck at all. It is very easy to grow this orchids and it is very good for those who want to start to grow orchids.

Crucifix Orchid - Many Pups

Bushy Epidendrum ibaguense with many keikis (pups).

Crucifix Orchid Fruit Pod 2 Crucifix Orchids Blooms

Ripened pods: It had been split open before I picked it and it was already empty (?). I was never thought of growing orchids from seeds, so it did not matter.