Just an update on the Tillandsias:

After finished flowering the T. brachycaulos has grown a small pup. Meanwhile, the T. melanocrater ‘Tricolour’s pup is getting bigger.

Tips: Tillandsia or air plant on it’s own may not look so attractive. However, if you grow them mimicking nature, it can look very interesting. You can choose many themes, like for examples: rockery, sandy beach or dessert. Air plants are also very good for a terrarium. While the ones that we have does not follow any of these themes, we planted them on an interesting piece of old wood and the result is rather nice 🙂

T. brachycoulos' pup

T. brachycaulos’ pup

Growing pup - T.melanocrater 'Tricolour'

Growing pup – T.melanocrater ‘Tricolour’

Clumping Tillandsia stricta

Clumping Tillandsia stricta