Quick update on Ephiphyllum cuttings, 2 months later:

How exiting to see five Epiphyllum/Disocactus ackermanii cuttings have started to grow new shoots. Though many still have no signs of progress, it is very encouraging. I never have thought that they can grow this quick. I have noticed that there are two kinds of new shoots – from the stem node and  from the soil. As many of the stems are damaged by snails and slugs, it explains why some new growths are coming out from the soil instead of the stem nodes.

E. Ackermanii - New Growth

Epiphyllum ackermanii - New Growth

Epiphyllum/Disocactus ackermanii – New Growth

The cuttings back on November 12, 2014:

Planted Disocactus ackermannii cuttings

Planted Disocactus ackermannii cuttings