Mottled Trunks 2

From all the gum trees, I think Spotted Gum is the most beautiful. It is also known as  Corymbia maculata or Eucalyptus maculata. The large majestic trees are native of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The slow growing trees in average will grow up to 35 m but many will reach up to 45 m high or more.  The tallest in record was said to reach 91 m high (according to Wikipedia). The large mottled trunks are colourful with a mixture of greyish green, brown and orange pink.

Not far from where we live there is a very large spotted gum tree that grow on nature strip. I should say that the tree is around 50 m high. It is absolutely huge for a suburban area. The smooth trunk are beautifully spotted. If you take a close up photo of the mottled trunk, it will look so artistic that it looks more like a modern abstract painting that is good enough to hang in an art gallery 🙂

Note 18/1: Lemon Scented Gum (Corymbia/Eucapyptus citriodora) looks very similar to spotted gum, other than the scents, the difference is the more white and less spotted trunk compared to spotted gum.

Molted Trunk

Close up Spots

Mottled Trunk 2

Mottled Trunk

Mottled Trunk

The majestic Spotted Gum Tree

The straight and large trunks are perfect for timber
But who want to cut this majestic tree, I wonder
The rustling leaves and the shady canopy
A place for birds to sing a beautiful melody
Just look at the spotted mottled trunk that is so pretty
A beautiful art for everyone to see………..

Mottled Trunks

Big Gum Tree