Tiny Butterfly

Common Grass Blue Butterfly – Zizinia labradus. Wing span around 1.5 cm. The other side of the wings has shade of blue colour

For us around Melbourne area, this summer so far has been quite friendly with only few days of temperatures above 35 deg. C. Some of the pesky leaf-hoppers are still remained but they are much less in numbers compared to before around early December. The most obvious damage can be seen in pear leaves which many are spotty, dry and eventually drop. Some of the plum leaves are also blotchy and yellow, but as leaf-eaters, the horrible little insects leave the fruits alone.

Suger Plums - just about to ripe

Sugar Plums

Sugar Plums

This summer, the pink Justicia carnea (formerly Jacobinia carnea) is blooming much better than the previous years. The reasonably cool summer temperatures so far help the flowers to show off their beauty. Justicia carnea is also commonly known as Brazilian Plume Flower. As a tropical plant it oddly dislikes high heat above 35 deg. C. The delicate petals are prone to wilt under strong hot sun, so it is better to be grown in a semi shade area away from hot afternoon sun.

Pink Justicia carnea.- flower bud jpg

Pink Justicia carnea - Brazilian Plume Flower

Pink Justicia carnea

Justicia carnea - Brazilian Plume Flower

Justicia carnea – Brazilian Plume Flower

Tiny Mushrooms – Coprinus/Coprinellus disseminatus. I found these tiny-tiny mushrooms growing on the orchid media, very small in size, about not more than 1.5 cm high with the cap as big as a cotton bud tip. These mushrooms are also called ‘fairies bonnets’, commonly grow in large numbers on rotted wood. These two mushrooms in the photos grew from the Phalaenopsis orchid media that is indoor, if they grow outside, perhaps they will grow bigger.

Tiny White Mushroom

Tiny White Mushrooms - Coprinus disseminatus

Tiny White Mushrooms – Coprinus disseminatus

One single Phalaenopsis bloom …. but hopefully there will be more flowers growing on the long stem later on.

Another Phalaenopsis orchid

Another Phalaenopsis orchid