Young Whiteflies on Damage Rose Leaves

Whiteflies (or Potato Leaf hoppers?) on Damage Rose Leaves

I am not the only one….. so in  a way I feel a little bit better 😦 The whitefly (or is it potato leafhopper?) problem happens all over Melbourne area. But the infestation  this time is absolutely terrible. If you walk on lawn, if you shake plants…. there they are, all flying off. You can feel them as they are trying to frantically get away. Try not to open your mouth and try to hold your breath if you don’t want to taste them and you don’t want them inside your nostril. So, what to do? I prefer to do nothing as by using insecticide, it will not only kill the pesky whiteflies, but will kill other beneficial bugs as well. And the main reason of garden bugs infestation is the imbalance caused by too much use of insecticide. Without the present of good insects that eat pests, the pests will flourish out control. The only hope is the summer heat. When temperature is getting hot, those pesky bugs will suddenly reduced in numbers significantly and then disappear.

These tiny bugs lay eggs underneath foliage and suck the saps which cause yellow spots on leaves. It seems that some plants suffer less than the others. I noticed that Hibiscus plants seemed to be avoided by those pesky bugs. From far away the gardens still look normal and blooming.

Note 11.05 PM: I read that the tiny bugs are not really whiteflies at all, they said that they are actually potato leafhoppers. When I looked at the photo I had already thought that they look kind of difference without white body and wings.

Photos from around the garden:

Dietes grandiflora – Fairy Iris: Beautiful flowers and always look good in photos.

Dietes grandiflora - Fairy Iris

Dietes grandiflora – Fairy Iris

Fairy Iris - Dietes grandiflora

Fairy Iris – Dietes grandiflora

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) has started to bloom and I noticed few tiny beetles roaming around inside the flowers. It seems that they don’t do any damage so I leave them be.

Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus syriacus beetles

Rose of Sharon – Hibiscus syriacus beetles

Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus syriacus

Rose of Sharon – Hibiscus syriacus

Hibiscus D.J. O’Brien has double ruffled orange flowers, but early flowers look more like single, I don’t know why.

Hibiscus D.J. O'Brien

Hibiscus D.J. O’Brien

Single Pink Hibiscus

Roses: The ‘Double Delight’ rose was transplanted from original spot near the letter box to make room for The Yucca filamentosa cuttings. Few remaining roses in bloom:

Double Delight Rose

Double Delight Rose

'Double Delight' Rose

‘Double Delight’ Rose

Rose 'Remember Me'

Rose ‘Remember Me’

Dwarf lantana

Dwarf lantana

I took a couple of Yucca filamentosa offsets to grow near the letter box, but they haven’t had flowers yet. This one is from the mother plant.

White Yucca filamentosa flowers

Yucca filamentosa

Yucca filamentosa

Sugar Plums - Purple skin yellow flesh when they are ripe.

Sugar Plums – Purple skin yellow flesh when they are ripe.

This year the sugar plum tree is having many fruits, they are growing very quickly and will be dusty purple in colour when ripe and the sweet flesh is yellow.