Disocactus ackermanni cutting

Disocactus ackermanni cutting

This morning I pruned the large Disocactus/Epiphyllum ackermannii that had been neglected and eaten by snails and slugs. I got rid of the bad stems as many as I could and at the same time trimming the plant into better shape. I have many cuttings that are reasonably good to regrow later on after hardening. I have marked all the cuttings and an arrow to make it easier to spot which ends to go into the growing media. Hopefully all the cuttings are good enough to grow. It will take around ten days or so to harden the cuttings in this warm late spring time.

Tomorrow I have to repot the parent plant. It is so big and heavy, I will need hubby’s help to take the it out of the pot.  Oh yes, it still managed to grow one flower bud!!!

damage Disocactus ackermannii - not flowering

Disocactus ackermannii before pruning

Very Large Disocactus ackermannii after trimming.

Very Large Disocactus ackermannii after trimming/pruning.

Cuttings to harden before replanting.

Cuttings to harden before replanting.

November 19, 2014: Planted the cuttings this morning.

Planted Disocactus ackermannii cuttings 19/11/2014

Planted Disocactus ackermannii cuttings