Miniature Thelychiton kingianus/Dendrobium kingianum

miniature Thelychiton kingianus-Dendrobium kingianum

Miniature Dendrobium - Noid

Miniature Dendrobium – Noid

I salvaged this small Dendrobium orchid plant from Vivi, our friend in Coburg. It was given to her from other friend but never flowered for a long time. She let me to have it in the belief that I could make it happy and bloom again. Now it has three tiny spikes with few flowers on them. It is a pity that she cannot read this blog as she does not have a computer.  She always says: ‘I can live without a computer’ and refuses to do anything with it 🙂

This Dendrobium with no identity is a true miniature as the plants themselves are really small and short. The flowers are tiny and delicate. The stems seem to thin to hold the blooms. The delicately fragrant flowers are light mauve with bright purple lips and yellow throat.

This Dendrobium certainly does not have a ‘Look at Me’ nature, to be able to admire it, one has to really look closely. Even the soft sweet smell has to be noticed and enjoyed only by sniffing at the flowers closely.

Anyway, I have to ring my friend to tell her about her now blooming orchid and once again thank her for it.

Minute Size Dendrobium

Miniature Dendrobium Noid

Mini Dendro Orchid


There is a possibility that this orchid is miniature Dendrobium kingianum, also known as Thelychiton kingianus, a native Australian orchid.