Cymbidium Bulbarrow 'Our Midge'

Cymbidium Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’

Bulbarrow 'Our Midge' Grown from a Seedling

Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’ – Grown from a Seedling

Cym. Bulbarrow 'Our Midge'

Cym. Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’

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Update September 9, 2014:

Just found among many plant tags, an old one with faded hand writing. I am sure it belongs to this orchid that I have grown from a small seedling. It is Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’. This brought back my memory of the first two Cymbidium orchids that I had ever had; One was a small/miniature flowering Alex Muffet ‘Orchid World’ which was long dead and gone. The other one was this small seedling Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’. Somehow, Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’ rings a bell because to me, the name sounds very strange. I have checked online to see how Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’ looks like and it confirms it. Not many images available online and the colours are slightly of different shade, but I think it depends on when the pictures were taken. It seems that colour change happens after the blooms have opened for some time. They have more purple shade when just open and gradually become more on the pinkish side. The lip colours are all the same, very dark maroon.


It is Not Alex Muffet ‘Orchid World’ (old title of this blog):

The long wait is finally over. One thing I am sure, the only Cymbidium orchid that I grow from a seedling is not Alex Muffet ‘Orchid World’, although the tag said so. Somehow there must had been a misplace. I only remember that long time ago I bought the seedling together with another Cymbidium that was in flower that died later on. Alex Muffet rings a bell and the most possibility is that the other one was actually A.M ‘Orchid World’. For some reason, the tag was switched ?? It was too long time ago to remember correctly. It was the very first time when I tried to buy orchids and my knowledge about the plants was just about zero. It is a miracle that this seedling survives, while the mature one died.

I had searched online to see how A. M. ‘Orchid World’ looks like. It is suppose to be a miniature with small and longish petals and sepals and the colour is somewhat salmon pink. While the one that I have is of different colours and shape.

What is strange about this unidentified Cymbidium is the thickness of both the leaves and flowers. It is thicker than the others that I have. It has kind of stunted look of the bulbs and the foliage. Anyway, these are the pictures of the flower:

Noid Cymbidium Orchid - grown from a seedling

Cymbidium Orchid Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’- grown from a seedling

Noid Small Cymbidium - Grown from a seedling

Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’ – Grown from a seedling

Noid - Grown from a seedling

Cymbidium Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’ – Grown from a seedling

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