Dancing Lady - Oncidium alliance

Dancing Lady – Oncidium alliance

Date of purchase: June 13, 2014

I have a feeling that the growing requirements for this Oncidium alliance orchid is similar to the Miltonia that we have.  I would like to know the name of this hybrid, but it does not say what it is. The flowers have spicy aroma (though other people say it has chocolate aroma). One stem has many small blooms, I should say around 50 flowers. Propagating is by division. Anyway this is the information on the tag:

Oncidium tag

Dancing lady orchid - Oncidium alliance

Dancing lady orchid – Oncidium alliance

Last night I read some various online information regarding Oncidium alliance and it was very confusing. This is my little note:

The term Oncidium alliance refers to a large numbers of different genera belong to sub-tribe Oncidiinae like for examples Brassia, Miltonia, Odontoglossum etc. Many hybrids have been created by crossing these genera.

Some of the common Hybrids are:

  • Aliceara (Alcra): Brassia x Miltonia x Oncidium
  • Brassidium (Brsdm): Brassia x Oncidium
  • Colmanara (Colm): Miltonia x Odontoglossum x Oncidium
  • Miltassia (Mtssa): Miltonia x Brassia
  • Beallara (Bllra): Brassia x Cochlioda x Miltonia x Odontoglossum

As a natural genus, most Oncidium flowers share a common trait where the lip is very large and wide that resembles dance skirts and this is why it is commonly known as Dancing Lady orchid. Oncidium orchids are native to tropical and subtropical of Jamaica, Brazil, Equador, Peru and the cool climate of high Andes mountains.

June 18,2014

Beallara (bllra) ‘Eurostar’: Intergeneric cross between Brassia x Cochlioda x Miltonia x Odontoglossum. Also known as Cambria. Very adaptable to a wide range of temperatures. Bright shaded light with winter temperature not much less than 10 deg. C. It is classified as easy to grow orchid, so…. fingers and toes cross 🙂

Bought this one in Caribbean Market under the same tag as above. It does not say what the hybrid is, but the distinct look of the pretty blooms are easy to identify.

Bllra 'Eurostar'

Beallara 'Eurostar'

Beallara ‘Eurostar’

Miltassia sp.

Beallara ‘Eurostar’

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