Who will not fall in love with this climbing  succulent plant. The leaves are thick, large, and heart-shaped with green around the middle and creamy yellow around the edges. Even with no flowers, it is already very pretty. Hoya is a slow growing climber that can be trained on trellis or shaped into all sorts of forms.

Variegated Heart Shaped Hoya

I just bought this pretty hoya today in Garden World. It is my Christmas present. It hasn’t flowered yet but the flowers will be clusters of light pink with red star center. Growing requirements for Melbourne area/Australia:   

  • Hoya kerrii ‘Albomarginata’, also known as Valentine’s Hoya or Heart Hoya.
  • Large heart-shaped variegated leaves.
  • Clusters of light pink and red flowers that are slightly perfumed.
  • Shaded but bright position outdoor,  if kept indoor may not flower.
  • Cool to intermediate range of temperatures. keep the plant under shade or indoor during winter time.
  • Keep the plant drier in winter and moist in summer.
  • Weakly weekly  liquid fertilizer during warmer months.
  • Similar soil to the one used for succulent (well drain).

My friend Vivi grows a small leaved hoya under her front yard veranda facing west and the plant is very happy and flowering. I had never seen a hoya plant with heart-shaped leaves that are so large before….  straight away I fall in love with it.

Pretty Hoya Kerrii 'Albomarginata'

Hoya Kerrii 'Albomarginata'

Note 23/12/2013:

I have been reading a lot about hoya plants especially Hoya kerrii. It seems that it is one of the biggest and the most robust type of hoya. Not the small and dainty one like the one that my friend has. Once it is mature, will quickly creeps everywhere and once the stems are hardened, they are not easy to train. So if the plant is out of control, it is necessary to prune it. Another thing to know is that H. kerrii flowers will release a lot of red/brown nectar, so much that the little flowers look like they are bleeding (I read somewhere that some people call this bleeding hoya flowers ‘Jesus Tears’). The nectar drips can be messy, so it is important to place the plant in a spot where it is easy to clean (by spraying water).

Hmmm….. can’t win it all, but I still like the variegated heart shaped leaves. Just wait and see what is going to happened later.