Japanese Sweet Flag GrassThe variegated Japanese Sweet Flag grass had grown too big for our fish tub. The roots were hanging down in the water and the leaf canopy had started to look so untidy. Yesterday I took it out of the pot with much difficulty, had to split the plastic pot. I had cleaned and replanted some part of it to go back to the tub and planted some more in a small pot. Still have more left with no idea what to do with them.

A Big Clump of Japanese Sweet Flag GrassAcorus gramineus variegatus or widely known as variegated Japanese Sweet Flag grass is a bog plant that love to have wet feet. Very suitable to grow on the edges of ponds, in the garden where the soil tends to be wet or in pots.

To grow this small and pretty plant in pots will need a lot of water and can sit the pots on a tray of water. The way I do it is growing them in pots that have no holes. The bottom layer consists of small pebbles, then I top it up with sandy soil and plant the grass there and cover the soil with more pebbles. After finished potting it up, I fill it with water to the brim to create similar condition as boggy area on the edge of a pond or lake. I use a weak measure of liquid fertilizer to make the plant healthy.

The creamy colour flower spikes are quite small and tend to grow in between the foliage, so this plant is mainly grown for the pretty looking leaves. To make it look tidy, cut the yellow and dry leaves.

  • Acorus gramineus variegatus/variegated Japanese Sweet Flag grass/Japanese rush.
  • Need a lot of water, suitable for boggy area, edges of pond or grown as water plant. If grown in pots keep the soil moist all the time.
  • Form low and rounded clumps about 30 cm high.
  • Medium to bright light.
  • Warm and humid condition away from frost.
  • Liquid fertilizer during warm season. Note: If grown in a pond or as water plant and there are also fish there, the plant does not need any fertilizer. If there is no fish, special fertilizer for water plant will be suitable to use.

Japanese Sweet Flag - Water Garden Tub

Acorus gramineus variegatus - Japanese Sweet Flag