In a few more weeks, summer will arrive here in Melbourne, Australia. So far the springtime was one of the wettest and coldest. Only very few warm and dry days. How strange it was that in New South Wales was very dry and hot earlier this season. Wet spring season is good for many plants as they have enough rain to wake up from their winter sleep.

Our feijoa tree (Acca sellowiana) is growing bigger and with enough rain and cooler weather, the small tree is covered with flowers. Hopefully, we will have many feijoa fruit later. Last year all the flowers dropped and left us without one single fruit.

Acca sellowiana - Feijoa

Feijoa - Acca sellowiana Tree

The roses are doing very well with bigger blooms and the geraniums are flowering like crazy. African daisies and Peruvian lilies are also flowering and the odd thing is the Crucifix orchids (Epidendron radicans/ibaguense is having three stems of tiny-tiny red flowers.

Rose 'Peace'

No-Id Rose

Crucifix Orchid - Epidendrum radicans

To sum it all up, so far spring this year was generally cool with plenty of rain. Many plants are doing very well without obvious problems with bugs and diseases. So it has been an exiting months, especially toward the end of this month when comet Ison will be visible by naked eyes. Though it will not be a good show here in Melbourne and the rest of the southern part of the world, we will have a chance to see it on November 28 & 29. Our son will take us to Mornington Peninsula early morning (pre dawn) on Saturday, November 30. Hopefully we will see the comet very low near the horizon. Also fingers and toes crossed…. we hope comet Ison will be as bright as the prediction and also hopefully the weather is good and clear.

Talking about comets, when I was 13 years old in 1965, I witnessed the biggest, longest and brightest comet ever in our time, It was Comet Ikeya Seki ( C/1965 S1 ). It was in our place in central Java, for many nights, my father woke us up to see the comet. The tail was so big, long and bright; so beautiful, awesome and frightening at the same time for me. Many rumours about the end of the world, bad luck and doom made me more scared to look at the bright comet tail for too long. That time there was no electricity in our village so night sky will be much darker than today. We could see the comet for many nights until it was getting smaller and shorter and then disappeared.