Dami Im the Korean Australian lady has won 2013 Australian X Factor. From a very ordinary looking young woman, her mentor Dannii Minogue has changed her into a world class entertainer with Dami Im new look and amazingly beautiful costumes. However, it was not only her new look, above all the glimmers, her voice stood out!

Last night when I heard what she said about winning the competition, I had to wipe my eyes with tissues. What an inspiring woman she is!! We love you Dami and GBU!!

This is what she said:

I can’t believe it. I don’t believe that I won because I’m better than everybody else. I just believe that God has given me this talent for a purpose,” she said.
“I want to use it to help people like me who are really daggy losers, and use it to encourage people and give them hope.
“They can do it too if they go for it.”

Dami Im

Dami New Look