Bought this Epiphyllum hybrid three years ago as one single stem cutting in a tiny pot. This year it is flowering, very nice two big blooms. The name on the tag is ‘Santa Barbera’. Is it the same as Epiphyllum ‘Santa Barbara’ ??

Epi 'Santa Barbara' Tag

Epiphyllum 'Santa Barbera'

Epi 'Santa Barbera'

Epihyllum 'Santa Barbera' 2

This Epiphyllum ‘Great Waltz’ was also bought at the same time, as a single stem in a small pot. After three years, more extra long stems had grown and the plant is having five large bloom. Similar colour as the ‘Santa Barbera’, but the petals have different shape.

Tag - Epiphyllum 'Great Waltz'

Epiphyllum 'Great Waltz' - Flower Bud

Epiphyllum 'Great Waltz'

Epiphyllum 'Great Waltz' Oct. 28 - 2013

Epiphyllum 'Great Waltz' Oct. 29 - 2013