3- Aloe arborescens

Aloe spinosissima is a cross between Aloe arborescens and Aloe humilis. It is also commonly known as spider aloe or gold tooth aloe. Fast growing clumping species with rosettes to 40 cm wide. Showy coral red flowers grow in late winter through early spring. It produces many offsets that can be separated easily for propagation. The spines along the grey green leaves can be a little sharp so it is better to wear gardening gloves.

If grown in an open space, aloe spinosissima can form a rounded mound that will be a nice focal point in the garden. The brightly colour flowers will attract many honey eater birds.

We grow ours alongside the fence and it has started to grow too many new shoots, so I have to separate them as soon as possible. Apparently the temperate weather in Melbourne and our garden sandy soil is quite perfect to grow this aloe species. Just like most other succulents, if grown in pots, it only need water when the soil has started to dry. If grown out in the garden, once the plant is established, there is no need to water at all. It is best to grow in full sun to flower well.

2 - Aloe arborescens

4- Aloe arborescens