Dendrobium delicatum

It is said that Australian native orchid Dendrobium delicatum was the result of natural hybrids between Dendrobium tarberi and Dendrobium kingianum. Though the small and mostly white little flowers are less showy, they are prolific bloomers and very sweet scented. It is very easy to grow in tropical and temperate climates.

D. delicatum is perfect to grow on rocks or up on tree branches. It can also be grown in pots. The plant will quickly grow new shoots. The best growing medium is orchid potting mix together with a bit of compost. Liquid fertilizer should be applied after finished flowering and I also use liquid seaweed to promote healthy growth. Dendrobium delicatum will need reasonably bright sunlight to flower.

We put ours near the front door and the gentle spring breeze is blowing the sweet delicate scent into the house. It is just beautiful and refreshing….

Australian Native Dendrobium delicatum

Dendobrium delicatum - white