There is a footpath behind our son’s place that leads to a couple of small ponds. There are few ducks and ducklings swimming in the water. Some small white ibis birds are foraging further up the field. I can hear the soothing sound of frogs singing. The grassy land along the path is a bit boggy after a rainfall. A nice area to go for a walk or a bike ride.

The nearly tame magpie bird in his back yard is enjoying the warm early spring sun. I am not sure it is a male or female, but it is always friendly. Many other magpies like to strike people during breeding season. I can go near it and take pictures…. but it has ‘look only but no touch’ attitude. I like to hear it’s warbling noise.

Pond 2 - Narre Warren South

A Pond - Narre Waren South


Magpie Bird

Magpie Bird


A video of magpie singing by crocdoc2: