Hemizygia ' Candy Kisses' Tag

Many people don’t realise that a lot of plants to grow in our garden that are sold in Nurseries are cross bred (hybrids). For a long time plant experts cross breed / hybridise plants for many reasons, for examples:

  • To have better quality, stronger plant than the original species.
  • To have more desirable flowers or fruits and more prolific outcome.
  • To be able to easier cultivate in big quantity. Etc…..

Patented Plant Hybrid

Many specialised Nurseries work hard to achieve a good quality and useful plant hybrid. They want to be recognised for their achievements and also to stop others to propagate, mass produce or sell commercially. For this reason, plant breeders are protected by Plant Breeders Rights Act.

One example of this protected plant hybrid is Hemizygia ‘Candy Kisses’. In the tag is clearly printed that the plant is protected by Plant Breeders Rights Act. I also believe that a special hybrid name that was chosen by a plant breeder should be recognised and never be changed or eliminated under any circumstances.

Recently, I read about plants names and identification and I came across information on protected plant hybrids.