Cymbidium tracyanum May 21, 2013

The crisp and cool Autumn air is quite pleasant and this is the time when our Cymbidium tracyanum is blooming. Earlier than other species. When chopping some vegetables in the kitchen, I could smell the spicy sweet aroma of the flowers from the adjacent laundry room. I like to keep it in the laundry when flowering to fully enjoy the scent and beauty. Laundry room is a cool place away from any form of heating which I think is good to keep this magnificent orchid.

Other than the fragrance, the flowers of Cymbidium tracyanum are very much different from most other Cymbidium species. The exotic look is kind of odd with the stripes and spots. The thinner petals are slightly bent and twisted.  The one that we have is yellow-brown-green colour with maroon red stripes. The long and sturdy spike carries 18 flowers. It is indeed one of the biggest species of Cymbidium Orchids with the most peculiar beauty. The large creamy lip is spotty and lined with long bristles along the edges, centre and down the throat. Though the colours are not the brightest, but the heavenly smell is strong and lingering. It is to die for!

C. tracyanum

C. trcayanum 2013