Yellow Chrysanthemums

Mother’s Day in Australia is celebrated every second Sunday of May, and around this time in Autumn, Chrysanthemums are blooming. Many use the flowers as a gift for their mothers on the special day. In China, Chrysanthemum is one of the four honourable plants next to Plum, Orchid and Bamboo. If you have a pot of Chrysanthemum, when it has finished flowering, plant it in the  garden to have more flowers every year. Looking and thinking about our blooming Chrysanthemums at the moment, I know why these flowers are perfect for mothers. The beauty of the prolific blooms remind me once again of my belated mother. All the good qualities of Chrysanthemums match those of my mother’s and all good mothers everywhere. Mauve ChrysanthemumsJust look at Chrysanthemums in my garden. They are not fussy to grow and faithfully they always bloom year after year when the chill of Autum days make many other plants ready for their winter sleep. Chrysanthemum flowers are always abundant and long lasting and though many different colours, shapes and sizes; all of them are beautiful in their own way. Just the same as all good mothers, though they have many differrent shapes, sizes and colours, all of them are beautiful on their own way. As Chrysanthemums, good mothers are never fussy and easy to please. Good mothers are faithful, just like the Chrysanthemums that never forget to bloom every Autumn. Once flowering, Chrysanthemums are plentiful and generous, so are all good mothers of the world, they generously give all what they have. Chrysanthemums are long lasting flowers and it tells the dedication and love that a good mother gives to her children. Yes, the Chrysanthemums in my garden remind me of you, my beloved mother. I wished that I could pick a big bunch and presented them to you on the ground where you were laid to rest. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama…. You were the best.

To All Other Mothers:

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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