Newly Grown  Golden Pothos Cuttings

Newly Grown Golden Pothos Cuttings

The other day I trimmed  our Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy, Epipremnum pinnatum) plant that had been trailing out of control. Trailing indoor plants like for examples pothos, philodendrons or syngoniums will eventually grow longer and longer. If we let them trail all over the place, they can look leggy, messy and very unattractive. These plants will look nicer if they grow bushy and compact and to achieve it, prunning is very necessary.

Golden Pothos is one of many plants that can be grown easily frum cuttings. Cut the unwanted parts inbetween two nodes. Each node near where leaves grow has aerial roots. The cuttings can be place in a pot of water to make the roots growing before transplanting, or can be grown directly in soil that has to be kept moist until the new plants establish.

From many cuttings from one pot of plant, I can grow them into eight new pots. One is a big one designed for climbling onto a pole (plactic pipe lined with coco fibre). It consists of four long cuttings. I tied them onto the coco lined pole with strings. The other seven pots are from smaller cuttings, they are in smaller pots. Very rewarding plants, you can sell them after they grow or can be given as gifts for family and friends. Golden pothos is a very pretty plant to make a room or an office pretty and also for cleaner air. Here around Melbourne, Golden Pothos can be grown inside or under a veranda.

Growing Golden Pothos from Cuttings


After the cuttings have established, can be grown in hanging pots:

Pothos aureus - Devil Ivy grown from cuttings

Pothos aureus – Devil Ivy grown from cuttings