Baby Katydid

Baby Katydid on Jelly Bean Plant

Nothing very exiting in the garden outside in this extremely long, dry and hot weather. It is the beginning of autumn, but it feels more like in the middle of summer with the temperatures well above 30 deg. C for more than a week in a row. The garden looks tired, dusty, hay colour lawn with hardly  no rain falls. I have to be carefull with our rain water as most of our tanks are almost empty. I use the rain water only for all plants grown in pots: the orchids, bonsai trees, indoor plants, water garden tubs etc. I water the garden beds with hose (tap water) twice a week.

With this weather that feels more like in the tropics, our tropical plants that we grow in pots outside under the veranda or inside are thriving.

Calathea insignis

Calathea insignis – Rattlesnake Plat

Calathea insignis / C. lancifolia or Rattlesnake Plant is looking happier than usual. This plant is quite challenging to grow, especially here in Melbourne where the air is less humid. As a tropical plant it has to be kept indoor near a sunny window but with no direct sunlight. The sunlight will fade and dry the pretty foliage. At night this plant will fold the leaves up!

The other tropical plants that doing very well are the Golden Pothos, Syngonium and the Peperomia caperata. The pothos and syngonium are trailing so I have to cut them to make the plants more compact and managable. The cuttings that have roots growing on each section where the leaves grow, can be grown as new plants in pots. I usually keep the cuttings in water for a week or two until the roots grow longer before growing the in pots.

The small and very hot chilli plant is having so many chillies now even better than last year when I bought it. It is still in the original pot and it died off during winter. Lucky that I did not throw it out at that time when the plant looked completedly dead. I read somewhere that chilli plants can regrow again after their winter sleep. And…. it is true and now it grows even better. I have started to pick them.

I spotted a tiny baby katydid and very colourful green beetles, one is a mature size and the other one is a baby the size of a grain of rice. The weather forecast yesterday said that the unusual hot and dry weather will continue at least until Thursday before any cool change will arrive.

Calathea at Night

Calathea at Night

Small Hot Chillies

Small Hot Chillies (Cabe Rawit)

Golden Pothos - Syngonium sp. - Peperomia caperata

Golden Pothos – Syngonium sp. – Peperomia caperata

metallic green beetle

metallic green beetle